Changing Pads & Chair Protectors

Made using a similar nylon as the pants with an absorbent pad and flannel cover these are good insurance against the inevitable leaks all diapers suffer. I use them print side down to help them stay put on chairs.

Changing pads: approx. 21" x 34" (54 x 84 cm)
Available in cute prints

Note: This product can not be shipped to the USA at this time. *sorry*

Draw Sheets

A panel of the nylon extended with two flannel sides, sufficient to tuck under a mattress to keep it in place.

Sizes: small (single bed) and large (approx. 30" x 60" of vinyl material plus 18" 'tails' to tuck in under the mattress. Available in white only

Fitted Mattress Protector

Made of a panel of similar nylon material to the briefs, it has a head and foot of flannel. This promotes air circulation and reduces sweating, it is more comfortable and quieter than a plastic sheet and certainly outlasts any I've tried. I've used the same one for years with a one inch cotton mattress pad over it and cotton/poly sheets over that. Everyone deserves a comfortable night's sleep and this works for me. No diaper that a person can sleep comfortably in won't leak but those leaks can be neutralised by providing an absorbent surface under them. The pad and sheets will require washing frequently, but not as often as the sheets alone would need. It also wont disturb a bed mate's sleep.

Fitted mattress protectors: come in twin, double, queen & king as well as hospital (longer than standard beds). Available in white only.

Note: This product can not be shipped to the USA at this time. *sorry*