There are two schools of thought about sleepers, are they lounge-wear or are they 'jamies'? For 'jamies' you need a soft cotton flannel, something that is comfortable under the covers and wont stick to the sheets. For 'lounge-wear', something that will keep a body warm is important. They are not the same fabric, fleece is too warm to wear under covers and tends to grip the sheets and pull them off the mattress. Fleece is for lounge wear, flannel is for sleep wear.

What makes a sleeper a sleeper is it has 'feets' and maybe mittens. It must be easy to put on and provide access to permit changing diapers so it needs either a zipper or snaps. What it is made of and how it is fastened is your choice and each of us has their own ideas on this topic. One thing remains constant though, if you want it to fit, you will have to make accurate measurements of your body.

It's easy though, if you know your shoe size, what size of pants you wear and what shirt size you take. All of these things can be learned by asking your friendly local sales rep in the mall. A few comments about whether those items are loose or tight fitting and how you want the garment to fit should get you something that fits the way you expect it to and will be a comfort to you.

This is a 'semi-custom' garment, the basic price for flannel is $80.00, for fleece, please call for quote, Extra's are, well extra, ie: Mittens, with, or without thumbs are available for $10 Feel free to talk it over and design the sleeper that suits your needs best. This can be done via email or by a call to 800-665-2229, ask for Jenny or Cathy. A firm quote can be arranged with good shipped within four to six weeks.

 These garments are made by Babykins and are covered by the Babykins guarantee of quality.