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Washing Instructions

Never use bleach, doing so will void the Babykins warrantee. Bleach will cause the abrupt deteriourization of the Velcro® and the elastic. Fabric softener will significantly reduce the absorption of the garments. Borax helps remove stubborn stains as will an enzyme pre-soak. Hot wash, warm rinse and a standard dryer cycle should work for most Babykins products. Should they pre-maturely unravel during 'normal' use, particularly due to a manufacturing fault, they will be cheerfully replaced. Plastic pants do wear out, much faster if any ointment or oil is used and Velcro® does clog up with lint (hint: use the gripper side of each tab to brush the lint out of them.) This is a durable, not permanent line of products.

About Velcro®

Babykins uses real Velcro® and not an imitation. It is very convenient but it does have it's limitations and is best suited to daytime use. Unfortunatly, it is not a very secure closure for a nighttime use. It will hold the wrap in place while the pins are added though, which simplifies that task. For frequent changes, it is by far the easiest method of fastening, the tabs come with a covering to stop them from turning the wash into a large knot. The fit is critical, too snug and it will come apart. The Velcro® fuzzy layer is right across the front and the back is elasticised, so getting a proper fit is easy.

About Sizing

Do be accurate in your waist/hip measurement, Jenny's sizing is very good and the fit of these garments is exceptional. If you are not sure what size to get, ask Jenny. Generally, if you are within a couple of inches of the size break, you can go down a size for a snug fit in the pull-on items but stick to the size chart for all the Velcro®, snap-on and pre-folded items. Custom sizing will be considered for some items, please call to see if we can help.

The plastic pants are cut to permit the elastic at the waist and legs to be tucked up inside the diapers or trainers. This really helps reduce 'weeping' at the elastics while retaining a comfortable fit. And comfort is what Babykins ABy products are all about. Every effort is made to make the best product that a person can live with, easy care, durable and as much comfort as the wearer is apt to find.

Sizes Imperial Metric


Small 22" to 24" 56 to 61 cm
Medium 24" to 26" 61 to 66 cm
Large 26" to 28" 66 to 71 cm
X-Large 28" to 30" 71 to 76 cm
Small 28" to 32" 71 to 81 cm
Medium 32" to 36" 81 to 91 cm
Large 36" to 40" 91 to 101 cm
X-Large 40" to 44" 101 to 112 cm
Super Large 44" to 48" 112 to 122 cm

* colours and prints are not available in youth sizes unless they are for personal use.

Note: larger sizes can sometimes be accommodated, please call to see if we can help with your needs, this is open to negotiation and depends on material availability and workload in the plant.

About The Prints

Babykins manufactures a line of durable infant products and the same fabrics that are used in that line also are used for the larger items. The scale of this business dictates that fabric is bought on an intermittent basis from the available supply. Thus, the prints and colours change from time to time. Not all the prints are available in all sizes, or all items, but there is a good selection of 'boy & girl' flavours in every line. Babykins is Aby and TV friendly so don't be bashful, get what you'd really like.

In the barrier fabrics, nylon & poly, now come the usual colours but there are no prints available in it. It is the most durable material that will do the job. Some vinyl comes in prints but it is not of a very durable type. These products are made with comfort and durability first and that is built on the materials used in their manufacture.

The prints are mostly white background and not available in all items. We can usually ship what people want 90% of the time but not all prints will be available in all sizes or items.

Solid Colours Pink Yellow Blue White

When You Get Your Stuff

Flannelette does shrink a lot and does not develop it's full absorbency until it has been washed and dried at least three times. Do NOT judge the fit until this is done and the garment has shrunk to the size it is intended to be. Don't be fooled at how big it is when new, it will shrink to fit, and serve you well.

Under Consideration or:New stuff

The special 'night' version of the pre-fold diaper (using a panel of the same synthetic material as the trainers and flannel) is now available. It *is* comfortable, and effective and worth considering by those 'heavy wetters'. Unfortunatly it does *not* meet the 'easy care' criteia because it is awkward to handle when wet (it holds a *LOT* and thus is heavy) and requires some additional drying time. If you like a thick diaper but don't like a lump between your legs in bed, try this one.

Bibs & booties are made in larger sizes and are now in stock, call Babykins for them or forward your requests to me and I will pass them on.

Rumba Pants are now available, they have 3 rows of pink lace across the seat and cost $20.00 each pair. *sorry* no pictures yet.

Have you ever wanted some 'water clear' plastic pants? Well, they are here for $9 in either snap-on or pull-on styles.

A custom garments seamstress is now available, some of the items under consideration are sunsuits / dresses, short-alls and bonnets.

A few Words About Babykins

I've been using this kind of product for many years and this is the first supplier that has treated me like a real human being. Jenny is always very considerate, the prices of the products are reflected in their quality and represent outstanding value. Babykins is ABy & TV aware and sympathetic to our needs. Never have I felt any sort of 'censure' when expressing my desires in what products are shipped. She does her best to provide our community with the best products at the best price those products can be made. That quality shows up in the comfort, durability and ease of care which are the main criteria. I am not an employee of Babykins, I am a distributor for their products but mostly so I get them wholesale. I recieve no commision on sales made through this site & host it because I believe in the quality & value of the products.

Written by: PPBear of efnet's #dpf an un-abashed Babykins Bear..... Smiley