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This site is dedicated to those who take a light hearted approach to the management of adult incontinence. My goal is to facilitate access to products that are effective, easy to care for, and comfortable to wear. I am proud to promote the complete Babykins line because it is best I have found. The information on this site is current as of March 1999 and several new items have been added as of that date.

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I want to be an Alchemist, so I can transform my 'Sack of Stones' to diamonds.

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About the pictures: all of the pictures here are of adult females, paid to model these garments, proof of age is on file with the photographer. I wish to extend my sincere *Thanks!* to Pampers for doing such a nice job on this. You can contact him at: gordo@frontiernet.net , or visit his site at: www.frontiernet.net/~gordo for more pictures available in a similar theme.

The primary consideration at Babykins is to make the best product available for the purpose and then pricing it based on that cost, not what the market will bear. It is a small manufacturing business that is willing to service this market. Because I believe in the value they offer and appreciate the calm, good service I recieve, I host this website. Any and all errors are mine.

Life works better where form follows function and what works on children, generally works on adults. A 'onezie' is a very good example of a garment that works. Sadly, cotton stretches a bit when worn and sags even more when wet. It is still the best material for diapers, but Diapers that are effective tend to sag. As any mother knows, a 'onezie' helps to keep them in place, Now you can get a onezie that will fit you.

These products are mostly adaptations of children's garments, which is the primary market for Babykins. The materials are the same, the construction is modified to suit an adult's body. They come in whatever the prints and colours that the wholesaler has, so those prints and colours change over time. As does the design of the garments. Your feedback is welcome and could help to make life better for lots of people. Jenny is always willing to try out new ideas that can make her products better. The goal is to make the best thing that works and is the least hassle to live with.

Many people who need these products are very shy. That is understood and we will do whatever we can to accommodate their wish for discretion. There are many options concerning shipping & billing. If you have concerns around this issue, please say so, we have lots of experience.

Custom orders may be available in some items, we try hard to accomodate special needs so please call to see if we can help you. A few specialty garments are also available. These are custom made by a skilled seamstress and each item must be ordered individually. A detailed email, including size & material desired, to this account, will start this process.

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