Pre-Folded Diapers

Pre Folded Diaper (front)A flat rectangle of flannelette made up of two layers sandwiching a four layer panel (total of six layers, remember that magic six layers?) It occupies the Centre third of the diaper in a strip from front to back. This item holds about as much as the VelcroŽ brief and one insert. Inserts are the key to the Babykins system. You want a thicker diaper? Add inserts, each almost doubles the effectiveness of the diaper but with less bulk where you don't need it. All the absorbancy of a thick diaper but none of the washday hassles. It is also an 'easy care' item as each element will wash and dry in a 'normal' household setting.

Available in prints, solid colours and plain white. (depending on stock)

A 'night diaper' is now offered that has the thickness many people desire but by using a poly-cotton panel, it is soft between the legs. These diapers come in plain white or prints, not colours, call for the price, it varies by size. Using two of these diapers at a time makes a very bulky diaper. I use one with two or three inserts placed where they will do the most good. For me, it is the best compromise between comfort and absorbency.

Pre Folded Diaper (side)I don't know how long they last because I still have not worn my first bunch out. Unlike an infant, an adult in diapers needs a durable product, preferably one that is easy to care for. An infant grows significantly while in diapers so that durability is seldom an issue, that is not the case with an adult. Using a durable product is significantly cheaper than using disposables. There are thicker diapers out there but anything that requires 'special' care, adds to the cost. If this is a lifestyle, these 'easy care' products are good value.

style # 10100
Sizes Imperial Metric Price
Small 20" to 32" 50 to 80 cm $12.00
Medium 27" to 35" 68 to 90 cm $13.00
Large 35" to 42" 89 to 105 cm $16.00

Washing Instructions: Never use bleach! Separate stained ones from wet and soak them in a pail of enzyme pre-soak or a borax solution. When there are enough of them for a full load (do NOT overfill the washer, the stuff should 'mill about smartly', not just 'shuffle about') Wash in a hot wash & warm, double rinse, then use a product like 'Diaper Pur' in one more rinse. Wet ones need no special care, but I do use a hot wash and NEVER use fabric softener.
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