Pull-On Briefs

Pull-On-Briefs (front)These are 'training pants' and come in two versions... both do essentially the same job. That is they will hold one 'accident' pretty well indefinitely and 'contain' a second for a short while. The wearer needs to be aware that they might leak if sat in when freshly wet. These are NOT a diaper! but, they do make very comfy underwear and will serve a person with light to moderate output.
Both versions use a synthetic material as the main absorbent layer. It looks bulky but compresses under tight clothes and is much less obvious in use than they appear at first glance. Their primary advantage is that they stay up until quite wet, and are good, comfortable long term daytime wear.

TrainerThese are the training pants you wore as a child. They come in a variety of prints & colours, wear very well and last for ages. The plastic pants (vinyl) that are made to go with them are specifically cut to fit over the trainers and allow enough extra so that the elastics can be tucked up inside. The elastics are soft and very comfortable but are a bit more prone to 'weep' if care is not taken to get it tucked well inside the waist & leg elastics of the trainers.
They do look the part and are very comfortable, compress well under jeans and are reasonably inconspicuous as well as effective. They offer the best utility to a person who needs the protection of a diaper but does not want to be house bound by that need.

The only style that comes in a variety of prints & colours, requires plastic pants. They are my favorite product, they look the part, work about as well as a diaper and are very comfortable.

Style #10700
sizes: Small, Medium, Large. Xlarge & SuperLarge
Prices $18.00~$26.00

All-In-One Briefs

All-In-One BriefThese pants have an outer layer of plastisized nylon (only comes in white) in place of the flannel outer layer. This is a very well made garment but care must be taken to avoid grease or oil getting on it. That is what usually causes the plastic layer to die long before the cloth is worn out. In some ways it is more effective at stopping leaks than the plain trainers, courtesy of the way it is made. The plastized nylon covering does get noisy with age but is reasonably quiet when new. These pants are close to invisible under most clothes and hold as much as your average diaper.

Style #10900
sizes: Small, Medium, Large. Xlarge & SuperLarge
Prices $18.00~$26.00