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All Babykins products can be ordered from both Canada & the United States by calling 800-665-2229 between 9:30 am & 3:00 pm Pacific time. It helps to have your Visa or Mastercard number handy and know what size you want.

Please ask for Jenny or Cathy and don't be shy, they are both ABy & TV friendly. All items are subject to shipping costs and possibly taxes & duties, depending on the destination. Visa & Master Card are accepted as well as money orders. On most items, the prices vary according to the size ordered, custom sizes may be available on some products. We do try to help so do call to see if we can help. All Babykins products may be ordered via email to: no online ordering system will be incorporated into this page, it is meant to be a reference.

Mail orders using posatal money orders can be sent to:

Size Chart Imperial Metric


Small 22" to 24" 56 to 61 cm
Medium 24" to 26" 61 to 66 cm
Large 26" to 28" 66 to 71 cm
X-Large 28" to 30" 71 to 76 cm
Small 28" to 32" 71 to 81 cm
Medium 32" to 36" 81 to 91 cm
Large 36" to 40" 91 to 101 cm
X-Large 40" to 44" 101 to 112 cm
Super Large 44" to 48" 112 to 122 cm

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