Plastic Pants

There is some variety of fabrics used to make Babykins wetproof pants, ranging from a very soft vinyl to natural rubber. All of them are cut more or less the same, they are certainly cut to the same criteria. They all feature a very wide crotch, generous 'seat' and a high waist, particularly in the back. No more diaper exsposure at the waist in the back. The elastic is chosen more for comfort than a water 'tight' fit. These pants are made for long term use where comfort is very important, as is durability.

None of these materials is very happy around oils & ointments, which significantly reduce the product's life span, as will improper laundry practices. Take care of them and they will last you a long time. Aside from the issue of fit, cheap plastic panties are not much of a bargain. In my experience they seldom last more than a few washings and are often priced at over $10. That can bring the cost of using cloth close to that of disposables. Take good care of your plastic pants & they will save you money.

Vinyl Pants (front) Comes in a sheer white (un-tinted) as well as a pastel pink, soft yellow and a baby blue. So soft, it IS silent! With the comfortable elastic tucked in around a pair of trainers, no one will know your wearing them. The elastic is so soft that it is a bit more prone to 'weep' at the legs. Take care to get the elastics tucked well inside the waist & leg elastics of the trainers and you will have fewer 'spots' to embarrass you.
While they resemble the cheap plastic panties we got put in as kids, that's where the similarity ends. These are a quality product made with welded side seams, from contemporary polymers. We've come a long way from the old days of brittle, scratchy, noisy plastic pants.

Such softness makes them very comfortable but also a bit fragile. With care, they will last long enough to become a little bit noisy. This is the only Babykins product that does not pass the Jenny's 'fifty washes' test.

Style # 10300v
Sizes: Small~SuperLarge
Prices $8.00~$9.00

Vinyl Snap-on

The same material is available in a snap-on style pant featuring a special flap that keeps leaks to a minimum.

Style # 10200S V
Sizes: Small~SuperLarge
Prices $14.00~$18.00

note: There is now a 'water clear' vinyl panty available for $9, just the thing to keep an eye on some trainers. Totally transparent & fairly noisy when exsposed, they do get quieter as they warm up under other clothes. Available in both snap-on & pull-on version.

Washing Instructions: Preferably hand washed and hung to dry but Warm machine wash on 'Delicate', dry on medium heat will also work. The material tolerates heat quite well but becomes more fragile and can be damaged while washing.
Click here for general washing information

Nylon PantsA fabric base of nylon impregnated on one side with vinyl, now available in colours. If you get too soaked, the sewn side seams will 'weep' a bit, but, by then the elastic will weep as well. Not particularly quiet, but very comfortable and the most durable pants I have found.

Style # 10300
Sizes: Small~SuperLarge
Prices $9.00~$14.50

A base fabric of a more elastic material coated on one side with vinyl, now in colours, this fabric breaths a bit. Quieter than the nylon, very comfortable and quite 'heavy', almost like a hospital might use. Very practical, very durable and the most comfortable fabric to wear, day after day.

Style # 10200
Sizes: Small~SuperLarge
Prices $10.00~$15.50

Poly Snap-on

There is a 'snap-on' plastic pant made from this material or the vinyl that fixes the old problem of leaks at the sides. The ease of use of snap-ons has always been attractive but until now, the problem of leaks limited their use. I have found these to be as effective as a pull on pant. For those with limited mobility, this should be a boon!

Style # 10200S P
Sizes: Small~SuperLarge
Prices $17.00~$21.00

Washing Instructions: The nylon & polyester fabrics require heat to remain soft. Unlike most 'barrier' fabrics, these will become brittle before their time if not exsposed to the heat of a normal washing. They do not require any special care and thrive on the 'easy care' regime.
Click here for general washing information

Rubber PantsMade from natural, opaque white rubber with sewn side seams and elastic at the waist and legs. For those who can *not* tollerate vinyl or just prefer the use of real rubber these pants still have the weight and pliability of latex. These are not molded and so lack the soft, smoothness that moulded latex has but this is much easier to care for. Like all Babykins products, it is chosen for it's durability and ease of care over fashion. They still sound like rubber though.

Style # 11000
Sizes: Small~SuperLarge
Prices $18.00~$26.00


BloomersNow available in colours & made out of the vinyl (with welded seams) & nylon (they have a sewn seam through the crotch and at the sides that can weep). These pants are useful for a person who is reclining or sitting but not usually standing. A night diaper generally leaks at the top of the legs and the waist at the side. This panty covers both those areas, having a very high waist as well as mid-thigh cuffs. Very well cut, this panty will cover even the thickest of diapers.

Style # 10600
Sizes: Small~SuperLarge
Prices $18.00~$26.00